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Get a shorter URL from us at Wedee!

A shorter url may gives your customers more trust on you. Here are the key benefits of using our short URL:

  • Simple and easy to manage
  • Available tracker - when and how many times your link was clicked
  • It's FREE for the first 100 short URL.
  • Comes with QR code
  • Links can be customized with UTM Source, Medium and Campaign

Why Short URL?

Short URL

Shortened any links, for long links up to 255 characters, your links will be shortened and the link can be published anywhere!

Secured System

It is fast and secure, our service has HTTPS protocol and data encryption to make your account and data secured!

Available Statistic

The statistic allows you and your team to analyse the number of clicks on the short URL, check from where and when your short URL was clicked!

Easy to Use

Our system is straight forward and easy to use, shortening your long links just takes a few clicks away, and our system is mobile friendly!

Looking for a reliable system to SHORTENED YOUR URL?

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